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Jennifer Rothwell

Luna Silk Scrunchie

Luna Silk Scrunchie

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Silk Scrunchies - Hair Ties That Won't Damage Your Hair

Your hairstyle will always look impeccable with JR silk hair bands. Owing much to their smooth texture, silk scrunchies are always easy to wear and remove - they just gently slide down your hair not damaging it. Any kind of styling you might have, our silk scrunchie set will support it just right and protect your hair from creases. They are made using the finest 22mm 100% silk s

The Luna butterfly print is inspired by the urgent need to create awareness of how vital the featured species are to the earth’s survival.

We are currently in the midst of the world’s sixth mass extinction, each species that goes extinct diminishes biodiversity and chips away at the beautiful complexity of life on earth.

‘’A butterfly to remind you even though we are apart your spirit is always with me forever in my heart...‘’tain.


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