Collection: Book of Kells

The inspiration for the Kells Space mythology print AW13 Collection came to fruition after Jennifer’s desire to bring Irish Celtic design into the 21st century. She was tired of the shamrocks and shenanigans connotations of Irish design. Jennifer wanted to put a modern stamp on Celtic design and bring it into the modern era, adding edge to it. The result was the creation of the Kells Space mythology digital print!

Jennifer did extensive research in regard to design elements inspired by the book of Kells and found them all very literal with muted colours or tacky, bright and illuminous. After purchasing a book about outer space Jennifer was fascinated with the sheer beauty of the patterns and colours of the cosmos. She then decided to fuse the two together. Ironically the peacock bird used in the print is from the Gospel of John who is seen as the messenger between heaven and earth - a fact Jennifer discovered only after completion of the print.