Collection: Hummingbird Table - 56,2cmx43,5cm 475€

Bold whilst being stunning and colourful the vibrant hummingbird print displays dozens of birds flying in several directions in the bright cobalt blue sky.

The main colours in the fabric are cobalt blue, bright Windsor red-orange and teal green.

According to Jennifer, everyone needs vibrant colour in their lives. Colour inspires the spirit and soul and elevates one from the doom and gloom of everyday life.

Jennifer's love of vibrant colours is evident in the Hummingbird print. She enjovs a rich legacy of designing and printing innovative silks with a high-end aesthetic.


outside inch (22,1 × 17,3) inside inch (15,7 × 10,4)

outside cm (56,2 × 43,5) inside cm (39,9 × 27,2)

limited edition of 50 piece's


PRICE: € 475