Jennifer's customers consist of creative professionals; such as artists, writers, poets etc. See below some testimonials from our best clients. 


Liselott Olofsson

Ceramics Artist, Co. Killkenny, Ireland

"I first met Jennifer Rothwell at an exhibition of her work in Kilkenny. I was admiring her beautifully tailored Military Coat and I was especially taken with the delicately crafted seams on the coat. We spoke briefly that night about the quality of Irish design as Jennifer had a beautifully printed silk dress based on Celtic pattern and design.

Fast forward a few months and an Oscar nomination for my husband Tomm Moore’s Irish film ‘Song of the Sea’ in 2015. My mind went immediately back to the beautiful blue dress. It fitted the theme of ‘Song of the Sea’ perfectly. I called Jennifer and immediately she invited me up to her shop in Dublin.

From the start I could see that Jennifer has a passion not only for Irish design but for printing textiles too. I left that day with the beautiful blue dress. ( if the dress has a name can you put it in) At the Oscar ceremony the dress drew a lot of attention, not only from women but men too. It was like wearing a piece of Art.

This month(February 2018) I am heading over to L.A again. Third time lucky.

Jennifer really understands what suits my shape and picked out the beautiful crane skirt for me to try on. Jennifer is really easy to talk to and together we decided to match the Crane skirt with a Pink Halter neck. The top was made without any problems and it fits lovely.

Jennifer’ sense of design and passion for what she does comes across in her work. She is a very skilled fashion designer and I am proud to wear her beautiful pieces."


CC Hart

Seceratary, ISAS

"In my work as a writer, one would think I could find easily accessible descriptions for the creations of Jennifer Rothwell, a fashion designer based in Dublin, Ireland. I own some of Ms. Rothwell’s unique garments, wear them frequently, but I find myself at a loss for words. “Exquisite” doesn't convey the scope of her designs, from elegant gowns to sophisticated capes. “Gorgeous” might capture the allure of her clothing, but misses her subtle use of draped fabrics, reminiscent of Norma Kamali and Donna Karan.

What does comes to mind is the sensorial experience of J Rothwell. This is a clothing line to be experienced by multi-sensory means. The textiles Jennifer employs are expertly rendered in a captivating color palette; the hand feel of the fabrics is nothing less than sumptuous. I am personally delighted by the beautiful digital prints Ms Rothwell designs as the basis for her collections, as it’s quite remarkable in this era to find a designer who is the visionary for both her textiles and her designs.

I am a stickler for expert construction. In this era of fast fashion, and designer garments that are less that fully finished, the J Rothwell line is a standout. Her collections are beautifully composed, and of heirloom quality. Also, the J Rothwell line isn’t beholden to fashion trends, and is instead tied to a lovely borderland between classic couture and imagination. When I walk through the streets of San Francisco in my J Rothwell frocks, someone will always stop to ask about the garment and remark on its unusual beauty. That's actually quite an accomplishment, as San Francisco is known for its whimsical, bright, and experimental fashion, but my J Rothwell dresses continuously gather appreciative glances!

I feel fortunate that I sought out the J Rothwell boutique during my last visit to Dublin. I purchased the “Isabella” dress at the J Rothwell flagship boutique at Powerscourt, but I have subsequently ordered online via the J Rothwell website. That purchase was straightforward, and I appreciate that J Rothwell offers bespoke garments as well as ready-to-wear.

As the J Rothwell line expands, I am looking forward to finding this label in New York, Los Angeles, and other cities known for their commitment to fashion. I very much hope Jennifer’s line is included in American boutiques and pop-up shops. I’m confident that Irish design has a place here in the USA."


CC Hart

Secretary, IASAS



Brona Crehan

Playwright and Director, NY, USA

“To whom much is given, much will be required'

And that is very true of Jennifer Rothwell, an award winning Irish designer, born in NY and based in Dublin, Ireland. From her early days in college, the wealth of her talent was obvious. With a keen eye for color, fabric and fit, Jennifer forged ahead with her own particular and dramatic style. Designers are very many and very talented, this is true. It is rare though for one to stand out as I think she does.

What I find especially appealing is her commitment to Irish folklore, legend and history. We are a nation of storytellers – what better way to immortalize our culture than to wear it – be it at an elegant soiree or a busy morning at the gym? Jennifer’s pieces astonishingly capture an ancient time in a thoroughly modern way. And that is the way of the future.

I have several of her scarves which I wear regularly – not only as scarves but as belts and headpieces too. I am always guaranteed a complimentary remark on them or a question as to where I got them. Even my children noticed – and that’s no small feat! Her 1916 Commemorative Scarf I was wearing prompted a discussion on Irish history one chilly morning in the car on the way to school. As a transplanted Dubliner, I am very conscious of my roots and is there a more original way of keeping my children in tune with them too than via fashion?

I have also given a lot of her pieces as gifts. I have one particular friend who is hard to please and I am always delighted when I seldom get it right. I recently gave her one of Jennifer’s scarves. She loved it and called me to ask where she could get some more. I was tempted to tell her she’d have to make a trip to Dublin to visit the gorgeous Powerscourt Rothwell store but in this technological age, a link to Jennifer’s well-constructed and visually powerful website was all it took.

Much has been given to Jennifer in terms of talent and she is very lucky. But so are we – to be able to benefit from such beautiful designs, lovingly and carefully created in her Dublin studio. Much has been required of her too and she has been consistent in her commitment to that task. She is currently the only designer who digitally prints and manufactures all her designs in Ireland thereby creating a strong Irish-based workforce and a resolution to stay true to who she is.

I would like nothing more than to see her designs readily available in the US – selfishly in NY – ideally in Saks Fifth Avenue – which is just around the corner from me. The Irish feature very strongly in America – in its past, present and future. We owe it to ourselves to proudly project ourselves and stand tall as best we can. Embracing Irish designers such as Jennifer Rothwell and her peers will guarantee we are impeccably dressed as we do so."

Brona Crehan

NY, February 2018


Connie Roberts

Poet and Creative Writing Professor, Hofstra University, NY

"In March 2016 fellow Offaly native Margaret Molloy began sharing photos of Irish fashion on social media as part of her #WearingIrish campaign. Before long, I found myself at day’s end snuggled up on the sofa eagerly looking forward to browsing the latest Irish fashions. Although I enjoyed and appreciated all the Irish designers Margaret introduced me to, one designer stopped me in my tracks: Jennifer Rothwell. My God, the exquisite vibrancy of her work! It was love at first sight when I saw her hummingbird print. I knew there and then that I had to make it part of my wardrobe. Hummingbirds, they say, always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, remind us to forever seek out the beauty in life.

I’m an Irish poet living in New York, and I read my work at a variety of venues, from art galleries to university auditoriums. I asked Jennifer if she could do a bespoke order, a silk coat-jacket in her hummingbird print. I knew exactly what I wanted: a mandarin collar, red-cuffed sleeves, red silk lining, etc. I can honestly say that it was a joy to work with Jennifer and her team at JRothwell. Throughout the whole process, she kept me up-to-date, sending me photos, asking me if I was happy with this or that, etc. The attention to detail was second to none. A last minute request to find a matching red top was no problem whatsoever.

When I received my hummingbird coat-jacket in the mail, it was everything, and more, than I imagined. Truly a work of art. It puts a smile on my face and a song in my heart every time I wear it. Most recently, I wore my hummingbird jacket at an event where I hosted the MacArthur genius award winning writer Claudia Rankine. If I had a penny for how many times that evening I was complimented on my JRothwell jacket……….well, Jennifer would be a rich woman.

I am proud to wear Irish. I have lived in New York for 35 years, and over the years, on trips back home to Ireland, like many ex-pats, I’d hit Grafton Street for Irish fashion. It would be so wonderful to be able to walk into Bloomingdales or a boutique in the Village and be able to purchase an original JRothwell Kells mythology print or a Harry Clarke print design. Let’s make it happen!"

Connie Roberts

Poet and Creative Writing Professor, Hofstra University, NY