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Jennifer Rothwell

Little Sea Maid Silk Small 54cm x 54 cm

Little Sea Maid Silk Small 54cm x 54 cm

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"The Little Sea Maid", print is inspired by my muse Harry Clarke's illustration for the fairytale collection from 1916 author Hans Christian Andersen." The Little Sea Maid", executed in a decadent and luxurious fashion evocative of the Art Nouveau Movement, is a rare example of a master illustrator from the Golden Age of European illustration. The present work tells the tale of a young mermaid who fell in love with a human Prince on a passing ship.

The mermaid then struck a deal with the sea witch (her tongue for legs) in order to marry the prince and, therefore, gain an immortal soul. The prince does not realize that the mystery girl who had previously saved him from a shipwreck has had her tongue cut out in a deal with the sea witch. The prince weds another and our tragic heroine joins the floating spirits in the air, her future determined by the behaviour of mortal children. Disney has since made the tale famous as 'The Little Mermaid.'

Approximate Size: 54 x 54 cm

Composition: 100% Silk


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