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Renowned for her iconic colourful prints, multi award winning fashion designer Jennifer Rothwell digitally prints and manufactures her designs in Ireland. Jennifer wants to reignite the Celtic Revival (also known as the Celtic Twilight) of the 19th and 20th centuries in the 21st century. To celebrate Irish artists, folklore, legends and traditions through fashion in a modern and contemporary way which the National Museum of Ireland acknowledged in 2016, by purchasing her designs for their collections. Rothwell's collections pair innovative design with high quality finishing. She specializes in digital print on luxurious fabrics, in clothing and accessorize. Her customer is a sophisticated, confident individual who loves colour and wants to stand of the crowd. Jennifer's designs are elegant and timeless, yet unique.  The point of difference in Jennifer’s work is her striking use of vibrant colour which is reflected in her stunning prints.  Made in Ireland Jennifer prides herself that her garments are produced locally at her studio in Artane, Dublin. As the garments are manufactured in close radius to the studio the carbon footprint of the garments is greatly reduced. 

'The typical Jennifer Rothwell customer is a client who loves colour, good design and appreciates high quality. People who do not follow trends and buy their garments as investment buys and timeless pieces to pass on to the next generation. They are often fellow artists, designers and musicians, a fact that I really love.  For example Enya would be one of our high profile customers. Harry Clarke's grandchildren and niece are also loyal customers and supporters of our brand. I am extremely honoured and proud of this fabulous connection. I believe that  I am helping introduce a new generation to Harry's amazing work and in return Harry is helping me!'  - Jennifer Rothwell