The magical forest shoot is inspired by St Brigid, the Goddess of Fire, Ireland’s first female saint is the inspiration behind this collection. Shot in the magical surroundings of St Ann's park, Dublin. Two prints are featured in this collection, one inspired by the amazing Harry Clarke's stained glass window of st Brigid from St Mary Church in Co Mayo and the other "An Chros" inspired by St Brigid's Cross which is traditionally hung in the kitchen wall to protect the house from fire and evil.

In Christian Mythology, St. Brigid and her cross are linked together by the story about her weaving the form of a cross at the death bed of a pagan Chieftain who upon hearing what the cross meant, asked to be baptized.


The collection is in tribute and honour of St Brigid’s the goddess of fire, whose manifestations were song, craftsmanship and poetry, which the Irish considered the flame of knowledge.