Hummingbird Print Top


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Bold and adventurous whilst being vibrant and colourful, the hummingbird print displays dozens of birds flying in several directions in the bright cobalt blue sky. The main colours in the fabric are cobalt blue, bright Windsor red orange and teal green. The bird itself consists of a beautiful array of colors. Dark and pale teal colours are in the main body of the bird, the wings are turquoise and royal blue while the tips of the wings are a vibrant Windsor red orange.

According to Jennifer, “Everybody needs vibrant color in their lives. Color inspires the spirit and soul and elevates one from the doom and gloom of everyday life. We can escape by the choice of clothing that we decide to wear!”Jennifer Rothwell’s new humming bird silk digital print is wearable art. “Be bold and adventurous and escape the mundane by wearing a beautiful Humming Bird Silk Print,” says Jennifer