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Digital Workshops

Booking for April Luxury Digital Textile Printing Workshop

from 295.00

This intimate course will teach you all the skills to bring your wonderful ideas to fruition on fabric through tried and tested methods. Jennifer is delighted to share this knowledge and teach the next generation the skills needed to use this cutting edge technology.

Topics Covered:


1.Design development 

2.Colour choice 

3.Preparing for Digital Print Design 

4.Designing a repeat print digital print on Photoshop/illustrator tutorial 

5.Saving and final checks for garments 

6.Fabric choice 

7.Dyes for fabrics: Reactive and Acid 

8.Different Effects of Fabrics 

9.Cost of fabric 

10.Costing Printing 

11.Benefits of domestic over overseas 

12.Printing errors 



1.Textile Digital Printer set up

2.Common issues with textile printing

3.Colour testing

4.The printing process(detailed)

5.Different colour effects that can be achieved using varied fabrics

6.After care for your printed fabrics

7.Innovation and new technologies in digital print


9. Printing your own printed Fabric with the Jrothwell Studio

This course will be offered for €295/day or €550 for two days.



"I want to thank you for your two day course on Fashion Manufacturing and Production Course. I found it very useful in going forward to building my Fashion Brand Annid designs." - 21st of May 2017
"Excellent, very well prepared and presented. Interesting information on fashion design. Thank you."
"Very good! Thank you! Very interesting and really well presented. Good atmosphere, I would love to come to more."
"I love the idea of her positive thinking about getting our own brand. Very educational, answered a lot of questions."



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Additional Info


Q: Do I need experience to do this course?

A: No, design experience is not required to do the course, you will be walked through the basics.

Q: Can I do one day or are both days mandatory?

A: Yes, you can do one day on its own but we recommend you do both days of the course as you will get a better all round understanding of the process and work that goes into the creation of a new print and getting it to print perfectly. As on DAY 1 you get the opportunity to create your own design and DAY 2 that design will be printed for you to take home.